среда, 23 ноября 2016 г.

Update! 23\11\16

Thoracopagus Records releases

Phlegmsepsia\Vomitoma split tape 2016
Cystoblastosis\Fetal Deformity split tape 2016
Agonizing Sepsis\ExGx  tape (2016)
P.A.O.V\Indigestible Guts split CDr

Anal Birth\Genital Herpes split tape
PNEUMO INGURGIATION - Putrid Pulmonary Abscess in Emphysema​-​bladders in Primary Atypic Pneumonia tape
Phlegmsepsia\Gastroptosis\Gastric Fluid mini CD-r
Gastric Fluid EP CD-r
Haggus\Cystoblastosis split tape
Carnal Trash Demo mini CDr
Cystoblastosis Album (2016)


ANAL BIRTH ( Dark Red&White colors)
THANATOPSIS (Dark Red & Black colors)



Carnal Diafragma / Fecalizer - split (2015)
Compost - Vegetable Goregrind (Discography 2008-2013)
4-way Split CD Methods of Illegal Pathology with: PANKREATITE NECRO HEMORRAGICA ( goregrind), BONEACHE ( pathogoregrind), INSEPSY (goregrind) and FETAL DEFORMITY ( raw pathogoregrind).
Split CD: ABUSIVE/AGATHOCLES (Grindcore from new brazilian outfit with mincecore legends in ther first release in Virus Prods.)
Masher- Destroy music now and ever CD duplo ( dois cds´recheados com uma das bandas mais criatvias e singulares da cena grindnoise)
Vômito- Vomitology CD ( Almost all songs for undisputed brazilian goregrind from ´90, raw extreme sickness)

Rectal Prolapse "Obsessed with fetus deformities" CDr

Hyperemesis / Rotocles split (2014)
Butcher M.D. / Distrophy - Fistulating Malodorous Mass / Visceral World
Cystoblastosis/Rectocele tape 2016
ExGx/VOMIT split tape
Rectal Nectar/Rectal Prolapse/Rectal fissure hemorrhoids/Sexperiments Liquidalternatives 4-way split tape
ExGx/Hyperplasia and metaplasia in necrotizing enterocolitis 2-way split tape